Chelmsfords Local Pointing & Cleaning Specialists

At R&T Kirby Pointing, we take immense pride in being a family-run business, with a father and son duo at the helm, bringing over 35 years of expertise in rejuvenating various types of brickwork. Our roots are deeply embedded in Essex, where we have cultivated an outstanding reputation for excellence.

Beyond Essex, our services extend to East and North London, Hertfordshire, and Suffolk, underlining our commitment to delivering exceptional brickwork transformation across a broader region.

More Than Just Pointing

At our core, we are a company deeply passionate about delivering outstanding results. Specialising in pointing and cleaning services, we assure you of the highest quality when you choose us. Based in Chelmsford, we have dedicated over 35 years to providing top-notch pointing, cleaning, and restoration services across Essex. A significant portion of our business is fuelled by word-of-mouth recommendations, a testament to the excellent reputation we’ve built.

We take pride in restoring both internal and external walls and brickwork, with our results standing as a testament to our expertise. To discover more about what we offer, explore our gallery and reach out to us today for friendly advice and a complimentary quote.

Brick Cleaning

At R&T Kirby, we excel in the art of brick cleaning, offering a comprehensive range of services that encompass the chemical cleaning of brickwork, patios, and even internal features such as walls and fireplaces. Over time, brick surfaces accumulate dirt and moss, a consequence of exposure to fumes, pollution, and the inevitable wear and tear.

Our expertise lies in selecting the appropriate chemicals tailored to each unique job, ensuring the integrity of the brickwork and pointing is preserved. We also employ precision in our high-pressure water cleaning techniques to avoid any damage, guaranteeing a meticulous and safe restoration of your brickwork’s original beauty.

Pointing & Repointing

We provide a comprehensive range of pointing and repointing services, committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times. With extensive experience in a variety of styles, including flush, weather struck, penny joint, ironed in (also known as bucket handle), and lime pointing, we’re equipped to meet your specific needs. If you’re uncertain about the type of service required for your project, rest assured—we offer honest and transparent advice and information to guide you.

STo ensure a clean work environment and minimise dust, we meticulously rake out all necessary work using an angle grinder equipped with a dust extractor. 

Listed Buildings

In addition to our expertise in standard brickwork, we offer specialised services for listed and heritage buildings, encompassing pointing and brickwork cleaning for restoration purposes. For these projects, we utilise traditional NHL 3.5 Lime mortar for lime pointing. The choice of lime mortar is critical for allowing the brickwork to “breathe.” This means it is softer than the bricks themselves, facilitating the quicker release of moisture from the wall and aiding in the preservation of the structure’s integrity over time. Our approach ensures that these historic buildings are maintained with the utmost care and respect for their architectural heritage.